My story

Mads Armgaard is a Copenhagen based photographer, educated in London (UK.).

He works in the fields of commercial people photography, lifestyle and food.

His primary field is developing corporate visual identity for large companies, from the early stage to finished photo / CVI.

Mads’ work is mainly shot on location in Denmark or aboard, and all his post production is done in his studio where he have inhouse staff.

His ultimate goal, working in this field of commercial photography, is that the final image becomes “ a slice of life – a little upgraded”,

to create a feel good atmosphere during the shoot and that this is reflected in the feel of the image.

Clientlist past 5 years :


Kräftringen AB


Lån&Spar bank

Copenhagen Airport




Sparnord Bamk

Egon Zendner

LB Forsikring

Rynkeby / Go’Morgen


Komplett Interiør

The Traveling Band

Scandic Hotels

Danske spil

ALKA forsikring

Mads Armgaard Photography

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DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Mobile +45 40 60 34 43

Studio +45 39 29 26 00

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